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Have you ever come across something that instantly changed the course of the direction of your life? Has anything impacted you in a single moment that you felt like you must do something anything and do it as soon as possible? A moment where your understanding of what is real and illusion get flipped.
Wait, you thought this was about beautiful fun necklaces and cute bracelets for girls? Yes, so did I. The idea was to make necklaces to bring joy to children and let’s be honest; any extra income would be nice. However, God had other plans.
Back to the pivotal moment, the paradigm shift. What was this moment of transformation? It happened as I watched a video and heard the story of a girl drugged at a coffee date driven across the border and sold into slavery of the worst kind. Did you know there is more human trafficking, and slavery today than ever before in history? Yes Today, Now! Can you believe there are 27 million people in slavery today!
I was under the illusion that the world is a safer place than the past. That people were generally free. So what are we going to do about it? What will you do? Feel sad? Be thankful that it doesn’t affect you? Let the business of life take away the feeling of urgency and make you forget? Will you do something?
When I heard some of the individual stories I knew I must do something. I may be just one voice. I may not have a lot of resources. I do not have a large platform from which to reach the masses. But I do have a voice. I can make a difference. If we all do a little we can accomplish the unbelievable. I ask you do take part.
Our pledge is that every dollar we make will go toward the fight against modern day slavery. Releasing and re empowering those who have been taken advantage of. Will you join us? Learn more about the organizations we sponsor below. Thank you and God bless. and

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